South Brent Community Energy Society

V27 on 16 November 2015


Welcome to the society's website. Here you will find information about the Society and its projects.

The Society was established in 2011 by members of Sustainable South Brent to take forward a medium size wind turbine project for the benefit of the community. The Vestas V27 wind turbine, rated at 225kW, was installed in August 2013 and began generating electricity in September 2013.

V27 on 1 April 2020V27 on 1 April.

The Society also owns the 9.88kWp PV array on the South Brent Recreation Association's pavilion building, which was installed in June 2014 and has generated 43,619kWh to end of March 2019.

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The following links show the real-time and historic contribution of wind power to the UK electricty grid and associated CO2 emissions. SBCES is not responsible for their content.

Go to Carbon Intensity to see the current and forecast carbon dioxide emissions associated with using using electricty.

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The South Brent Climate Fair has been postponed until the autumn due to the covid19 virus pandemic.

The wind turbine is working again following its prolonged winter outage. Measures are in hand to make sure this doesn't happen again!

Wind turbine monthly output

April 2019: 27,724.3kWh

May: 16,705.1kWh

June: 27,101.6kWh

July: 14,070.1kWh

August: 27,684.1kWh

September: 34,668.8kWh

October: 35,857.4kWh

November: 28,828.9kWh

December: 0kWh

January 2020: 0kWh

February: 4kWh

March: 44,400kWh (Subject to confirmation)

PV monthly output

April 2019: 1,045.6kWh

May: 1,367.6kWh

June: 1,366.6kWh

July: 1,442.1kWh

August: 1,105.0kWh

September: 882.4kWh

October: 473.6kWh

November: 274.0kWh

December: 202.19kWh

January 2020: 215.43kWh

February: 379.64kWh