South Brent Community Energy Society

South Brent Community Energy Fund

Surplus from the operation of the wind turbine and solar panels at the Recreation Ground are directed to new energy saving and renewable energy generation projects for the benefit of the community of South Brent and surrounding area.

Update 1st May 2021

Due to the breakdown of the wind turbine over the last 18 months and the cost of getting it repaired we have had to suspend our Community Energy Fund for the time being. We are waiting for what we hope will be a positive report after NatGen undertook extensive repairs Jan-April 2021 but it may take 18 months for our finances to recover to the point we can award grants once again.

Projects to date:

To October 2020 grants totalling almost £76,000 have been awarded to energy saving projects in (and near) South Brent (summarised below).

Rattery Village Hall - July 2020

A grant of £540 has been made towards the installation of LED lighting in Rattery Village Hall.

Climate Fair 2020-21

£1,000 has been awarded to Sustainable South Brent to support the creation of a Climate Fair. Postponed from April 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is hoped it will be able to go ahead some time in 2021.

Vicarage Road Allotment Association 2019-2020

A request for funding for a solar power supply for the allotment association's power tools has been agreed. £2,117 has so far been awarded for solar panels, batteries and an inverter to be purchased so that petrol powered tools can be replaced with electric tools. Delays with the battery procurement mean that the project is not yet complete.

Church Rooms Heating

After a prolonged and detailed investigation into alternatives, the electric night storage heaters in the Church Rooms were replaced in 2019 with modern, programmable, units, together with an upgrade to the wiring. The Society made this possible with a grant of £3,052.

South Brent Warm and Well - 2018

An initial grant of £10,000 was been made to this project to fund energy saving improvements in qualifying homes in South Brent. The project was run by our neighbours at South Dartmoor Community Energy. Unfortunatley it did not work out as hoped with very little take-up of the energy saving advice made available, so £6,222 was returned to our Community Energy Fund in early 2020.

South Brent Conservative Club

SR Plumbing and Heating installed a new Worcester/Bosch gas combi boiler togther with a Wave programmer and wireless thermostat at the Club in Stockbridge Lane in October 2018. The Society funded this work with a grant of £2,064.

South Brent Health Centre

PV solar panels and LED lighting were installed by SunGift Energy in February 2018. The PV panels are on two roofs, facing south and west, to maximise the energy captured. The LED lighting will also cut the amount of electricty purchased. The installation, which was enabled with a grant of £14,547 from the Society, was inaugurated by Dr Sarah Wollaston MP on 16th March.

Health Centre PV Opening

Official "opening" of the PV installation: SBCES directors, Drs Born and Galloway, Practice Manager Anna Keene and Sarah Wollaston MP

Health Centre cake!

A splendid cake to mark the event!

Old School Centre

The lighting in the main building of the Old School Centre is the biggest electricity load, so we have awarded a grant of £3500 towards the installation of LED lamps, which took place over the 2017 summer holidays. It is anticipated that this will cut electricity consumption by 50%.

Church Rooms

The Church Rooms are used by a variety of village groups and organisations, so we were delighted to be able to help save energy and improve the lighting with a grant of £725 for LED strips and some re-wiring, in January 2017. Church Rooms LEDs

The embroidery class enjoying the improved lightining in the Church Rooms

St Petroc's Church, South Brent

The Society has granted £9250 to the South Brent PCC towards the cost of re-wiring and installing energy saving LED lighting. This is a part of a much larger Heritage Lottery (& other) funded refurbishment to re-point the tower and improve the church for everyone who uses it. The new lighting was commissioned in Spring 2017.

In February 2017 we provided a further grant of £4000 towards replacing the ancient gas heating boilers with new, much more efficient, boilers. This should save around 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

New LED lights in St Petroc's

The LED lighting (at night!) in May 2017

South Brent Village Hall

The Fund's second grant was to the South Brent Village Hall Committee to install a 10kW PV system on the south facing roof of the 100 year old main hall. Installed by Beco of Totnes, the system went live at 12.30pm on Friday 1st July 2016. Village Hall PV

South Brent Village Hall, 1st July 2016.

Old School Centre PV

In December 2015 the Society awarded the South Brent Old School Community Centre a grant for the installation of 3.4kWp PV system on the roof of the School House. This is one of a number of measures the Old School Centre has made to this building to save energy, and is the first project the SBCEF has been able to support. School House PV installation

School House PV panels enjoying some sunshine in April 2016.

South Brent Community Energy Fund Charter

At the 2015 AGM the society adopted a Charter to guide the administration of the fund. This now includes the Society's revised Objects:

SBCEF Charter

V27 on 9 March 2014